Through increased travel and the decreased use of pesticides, bedbugs are on the rise again. Today, as many as 90% of pest controllers report receiving calls about bedbugs. Unfortunately, many hotels are becoming infested, putting customers at risk of being bitten or worse, bringing bedbugs home. Fear not, however, as there are ways to protect bedding.

Tenant’s Right to Know About a History of Bed Bug Problems in a Rental Property: Most tenants don’t want to move into a rental unit that has problems such as flooding, and several states have laws requiring these types of landlord disclosures. For details on states that require landlord disclosure of bed bug problems,

Bed bug problems happen to even the best of apartments. Bed bugs can catch a ride in suitcases, used furniture, second hand mattresses or even on clothing. Bed bugs can travel from other apartments into another building.Here’s how to deal with a bed bug infestation.  (Hint: Leave it to pest control for bed bugs professionals)

Report the Bed Bug Problem to the Landlord

If there is a  suspicion of a bed bugs infestation, contact the landlord or manager right away. The landlord should bring in a qualified exterminators to inspect for and measure the concentration of bed bugs in the rental and all adjoining units. It is the responsibility of the landlord to give  proper notice of entry for the exterminator’s inspections. In Washington Seattle have specific laws on the books covering landlord and tenant duties regarding bed bug infestations.

Get Ready for an Exterminator’s Inspection

Try to get information  beforehand as to what to expect from an inspection. Typically, a pest control for bed bugs professional will examine the bedrooms (such as mattresses and bedding). As well as look closely into drawers, closets, and shelves.  A pest control for bed bug professional will also determine the source, and attempt to confirm where the bed bugs originated, and learn whether and how the problem spread. Inspecting the infestation may also help determine when a particular rental unit became infested, which the landlord may use to apportion financial responsibility for the extermination.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs, Exterminators usually recommend that tenants in bed bug-infested units take the following steps: 

Remove all clutter. Remove all items from closets, shelves, and drawers,

Wash all bedding and clothing and put washed items in sealed plastic bags.

Thoroughly vacuum.

Leave the premises during the exterminator’s treatment.

Destroy infested items that can’t be treated such as a mattress.

Keep in mind that the exterminators instructions must be followed. If the exterminator’s advice is not taken seriously the bed bugs may reappear. Which will result in starting the whole process all over again.

Financial responsibility for Bed Bug Extermination and Relocation Costs

It is the Landlord’s responsibility to provide habitable housing and must pay for the bed bugs infestation. In some states such as seattle, this duty is explicit. But, determining who introduced the bed bugs and who must foot the bill is often very difficult in multi-unit buildings: Many tenants may be moving in and out. Some may have recently traveled abroad  and brought home bed bugs, and others may have picked up used furniture that contained bed bugs. As a result, landlords under their insurance policies) often end up footing the bill for extermination and relocation costs in properties with several rental units. Long-term renters of a single-family home may easily  be saddled with the cost because there won’t be any other residents to turn to. If the landlord fails to take care of a major bed bug problem, it may be possible to withhold rent. Or use the repair and deduct remedy to cover costs such as extermination, break the lease, move out early or even sue the landlord for damages. Eradicating bed bug infestations caused by the tenant, however, can be the tenant’s financial responsibility. If the tenant is clearly the source of the bed bug problem, renters’ insurance should cover the costs of moving out and replacing any ruined belongings.

Commercial Exterminators for Bed Bugs: Estimated Cost of Bedbug Removal-Check Prices

Bed bugs can be a very itchy problem for homeowners or apartment tenants! Not only are those annoying, blood-sucking pests that often reside in mattresses liable to leave you with a rash, but getting rid of them will cost some money, too.

DIY Bed Bug Control Products Cost

DIY bed bug control products can cost as little as $20 to $60, but many homeowners end up having to spend much more than the initial investment. This is because bed bugs usually can’t be completely eliminated with just one spray or DIY treatment. In the long run, homeowners may end up spending just as much money on DIY products as would on a professional Bed bug exterminator.

Professional Bed Bug Costs to Exterminate

The cost to exterminate bed bugs will depend on how long it will take to prepare the home or commercial building for a bed bugs treatment and, the size of an infestation and a number of other factors. In most cases, the cost to remove and exterminate bed bugs in a home will run somewhere between $500 and $1500.

Look for an exterminator that charges a case-by-case fee, not a flat rate. There are a number of ways to remove bed bugs, and the differences between methods result in differences in cost. Exterminators that charge flat fees are usually much more expensive because set a high standard fee that will cover the cost of any type of bed bug removal method. In order to be assured a fair price, the exterminator must actually inspect the home and recommend treatments based on the actual conditions.

Talk to more than one pest control professional. While usually need to pay for an inspection, paying the money to have at least two exterminators look at the property and give a quote for removal can help save in the long run.

The most effective bed bug removal methods will involve more than just a heat treatment, freezing or pesticides. Cleaning, fumigating, steaming and other methods are usually combined in an effective, comprehensive treatment. If one pest control professional is charging way less than others, thats a red flag.

Ask about licensing and insurance. Make sure that the pest control professional  is licensed to do business in the state washington and fully insured in case something goes wrong during the treatment.

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AM/PM Exterminators understands the overriding need for pest control for bed bugs by residential homeowners and business establishments especially those in the hotel and accommodation industries. Not only are bed bugs a public health concern, they also undermine the social and economic progress already gained by the world’s foremost cities like Seattle in Washington State.
AMPM Exterminators Offers Excellent Bed Bug Extermination and Control Services
After treatments are made for bed bugs, residents generally return to their home to sleep, providing blood meals for any bed bugs that did not immediately die. Even if the bed bugs live only a few days longer, it gives them time to reproduce, enabling a new or extended infestation. Such results were not necessarily found in the past because research was conducted in a lab and the bed bugs not given the opportunity to feed after the treatment test.
This is likely because, when bed bugs feed, it “stimulates detoxification enzymes responsible for insecticide resistance,” the researchers said. Because of this, it is important to use non-chemical control methods along with insecticides in any effort to control bed bugs. These include such things as vacuuming, laundering bedding and clothing, encasing mattresses, etc.
Ways to kill bed bugs
Man had been fighting the war against bed bugs since time immemorial. In fact, in the early 20th century well into the turn of the new millennia, much of the bed bug infestation was confined to developing and third world countries after its effective management in developed countries. However, studies now show that increased international migration and travel, growing bed bug resistance to insecticides, and the use of newer yet ineffective pest control methods have seen a resurgence of these pests in Western and fully developed countries like the United States. It is for this reason that bed bug pest control extermination services must be renewed and reinvented in order to fight bed bugs through a safer, more environmentally-friendly, and more effective extermination and control techniques.
Bed bugs extermination can cost less than a hundred dollars if individuals are going to do it themselves. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that all of the bed bugs will be exterminated and their habitat duly managed. This is needed to make sure bed bugs don’t ever come back. Every inch of the property must be fully inspected in order to identify all the potential habitats of bed bugs. Only then can bed bug exterminators begin destroying and removing the pests. Additionally, they will then have to make sure that the property is bed bug-proofed so the homeowner won’t be bothered by bed bugs anymore.
Pest control services to get rid of bed bugs
A client who has tried the Terminix bed bugs services as well as the Orkin bed bugs extermination services in the past commented that while the pest extermination services were superb, the cost of bed bug extermination was sometimes a little bit prohibitive. Modern-day homeowners and business owners require effective and excellent bed bug extermination and control services at friendlier and more budget-friendly prices. AM/PM Exterminators understands the growing need of individuals and organizations for the best value products and services.
Don’t bring home hitchhikers: Traveling? Inspect your hotel room before you call it a night. Examine your luggage thoroughly with each new place you go. Wash and dry clothes with hot water and high heat as soon as you get home.
Freeze it: Bag small items; place in your freezer for 30 days.
Buying used furniture, bedding, clothes? Inspect thoroughly. Wash and dry bedding and clothes with hot water, high heat. Steam is an option, but make sure stuff dries out so it doesn’t mold.
Check everywhere: Keep bedroom furniture an inch or two from the wall and a flashlight handy for easier cleaning and inspecting. Bed bug-proof mattress covers and light-colored bedding make them easier to spot.
Remove: Say goodbye to clutter in your bedroom to get rid of bed bug hiding spots. Getting rid of stuff? Cover in plastic so bugs don’t fall off and make sure the items are in a dumpster or ruined so people don’t take them home.
Vacuum often: Floors, walls, mattresses, baseboards, furniture. Get rid of the vacuum bag as soon as you’re done in case you sucked up a bed bug.
Pesticide options: Leave it to the professionals. Some sprays simply repel bed bugs, spreading them around. Make sure pesticides are labeled specifically for bed bugs. Always read and follow the instructions on the label.
Excellent Natural Bed Bug Extermination Methods
A spokesperson for the AM/PM Exterminators said that the company aims to provide excellent extermination and management of their bed bug problems. Among the different natural pest control methods, bed bugs have been shown to be particularly susceptible to diatomaceous earth, dolomite, plant ash, and lime in addition to black cohosh, Ecalyptus saligna oil and narrow-leaved pepperwort, among others. Other useful bed bug extermination methods include the use of electronic pest control methods.
Quality and Affordable Bug Extermination Services
A client who has tried the AM/PM Exterminators bed bugs extermination services in the past commented that while the pest extermination services were superb, the cost of bed bug extermination was sometimes a little bit prohibitive. Modern-day homeowners and business owners require effective and excellent bed bug extermination and control services at friendlier and more budget-friendly prices. AM/PM Exterminators understands the growing need of individuals and organizations for the best value products and services.
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Bedbugs have been known to hitchhike in luggage, personal belongings or even on you. Bed bugs can be very difficult to control without the help of an experienced pest specialist. You can reduce your chances of a costly bed bug infestation by catching them early.

Removing bedbugs from a home, hotel or other place of business is challenging, as the pests can lurk in many places beyond the bedroom. Choosing to hire an exterminator for bedbugs can help you ensure that the infestation is completely eradicated; however, not all pest control companies that offer bedbug removal services are the same.

To ensure that you choose a bedbug exterminator that will get the job done right the first time and treat you fairly, follow these tips:

  1. Choose a bedbug exterminator that uses an integrated pest management (IPM) approach

An IPM approach means that bedbugs are exterminated through more than one means. Bedbug removal is complex; simply spraying a home or business with pesticides is unlikely to fully eliminate the pests. Thebest exterminators for bedbugs will use other methods of control beyond pesticides. A thorough IPM approach may also incorporate vacuuming and steaming, thorough cleaning, heating or freezing the pests and fumigation. A knowledgeable pest control professional will fully inspect the premises before developing the right multidisciplinary strategy for bedbug removal. Be wary of an exterminator who seems to offer one-size-fits-all solutions.

  1. Ask about follow up programs

The best pest control companies for bedbugs will help you create a strategy to prevent reinfestations in the future. A follow-up strategy may include things like periodic reapplications of pesticides and the use of covers to keep bedbugs out of mattresses. If you live in an apartment, townhouse or condominium, follow-up care may also involve the exterminator working with your landlord or property manager to treat the other units.

  1. Find out exactly what is included

In some cases, repairs may be needed to your home or business to fully address an infestation. You should receive a complete list of what you’ll be receiving for the quoted price in writing from your pest control company. Any exterminator that is hesitant to give you a listing in writing should raise a red flag.

  1. Get multiple quotes

Even if the first exterminator that inspects your home or business seems to be the best one, you should talk to at least one or two more. Getting quotes from multiple pest control companies will help to ensure that you’re paying a fair price for services. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for references and make sure to check reputable online review sites before signing any contracts.

  1. Be on the lookout for unfair pricing strategies

A reputable pest control that uses fair pricing will inspect your home or business before providing you with a quote. The costs associated with bedbug removal can vary dramatically depending on a number of factors; an exterminator who just quotes a price without seeing your residence or business is likely greatly inflating their price.

If you’re looking for the best pest control company for bedbug removal in Seattle, Redmond, Kent, Woodinville, Mercer island, Kirkland, Samammish, Medina or Renton, AM/PM Exterminators is the company you can trust. Our multidisciplinary approach fully eliminates infestations, and our pricing is straightforward and competitive. Contact us today for a free quote on our bedbug extermination services.

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