Ants can be a particular nuisance when getting into homes. Garden or Black House ants aren’t thought to carry diseases, but the trouble is not knowing where foraging is outside, Them marching through food cupboards is a health risk. Ants will travel in a wide range searching for food, following trails establishing and clustering around the source of food, becoming a nuisance in homes, organizations and businesses.

Ants can enter homes for any number of reasons, but more than likely, for food. Homes and commercial business buildings just happens to be close to where a queen decided to set up a colony. There’s little chance that they’re going to go away on their own. Either have to learn how to get rid of ants, or let the Pest control for ants professionals take care of the Problem.

Ant Extermination-How to kill Remove and eliminate house ants

To find Ant nests, inspect along the carpet edges, doors, windows, and all areas of the kitchen. The easiest way to find a trail to the nest is to watch where ants go after reaching the food source. Finding Carpenter Ants through inspections at night is more effective since the larger Carpenter Ant is nocturnal. Try spotting Carpenter Ants emerging from damaged wood inside the house, or foraging outside in woodpiles, rotted or water damaged wood, and tree stumps. Outside the house, inspect around foundation walls, areas of vegetation, and mulch. Any vegetation found near patios and walls may hide some Ant nests or their trails.

Carpenter ants live in wood and tunnel through it. The best clue to look for is a small pile of very fine sawdust which are the remains of the wood that have been chewed through. Carpenter ants nest in moist wood located in foundations, decks, wood piles near houses, trees, gaps between boards, etc.

To figure out where ants are entering the house, track the ants back to the nest. Then exteminate all the ants in sight and watch for new ants to appear. Which will help to determine the general entry point. This may give clues to holes that need to be sealed up and possibly a rotting foundation or cracks under doors that give easy access.

Knowing the species of ant is important. Knowing the enemy, will help find where the nest is, what sources of food are attracting them and which control extermination methods will be the most effective. For example, tiny black ants generally reside in their colony outdoors. They enter structures in order to scavenge for food such as sugar, starches and meat. A tiny black ant infestation is best treated by following the ant’s trail back to the colony and treating the problem at the source. The next step would be sealing off all entry points so any remaining or future ants cannot get into the house or commercial business buildings. On the other hand, carpenter ants require a much more dedicated approach. Carpenter ants are very hard to control, especially since they prefer to nest in moist wood. These nests can cause wood damage, and since moist wood is typically found in previously damaged locations (e.g., places with leaks, foundations that were exposed to the elements, etc.), this can potentially create a bigger nuisance than just having a few ants walking across the counter. Carpenter ant nests are difficult to find since nesting is in a variety of locations both inside and outside the Property. A more thorough investigation will have to be conducted by a ants control professional to determine the most effective pest control plan for battling carpenter ants.

Cost of Ant Exterminators

Hiring a pest control service for ants professional is the best way to get rid of ants. Ignoring the situation will not make the problem go away. The cost of calling in a pro to take care of the pestant problem with no additional services or inspections can cost as little as $199.00  but it will not get rid of the ants in one treatment. Inspection and treatment wall voids where indicated: through electrical and plumbing, plates, and collars in areas of consistent or heavy activity. Inspection and treatment under and behind, baseboards and cabinetry. In some homes, treatment of roof beams and tongue and groove ceilings. Where possible, all natural, fresh water diatomaceous earth in areas where it will not become airborne. suggestiong of drilling and injecting, or other effective treatment strategies. The average service inlcudes treatment of the exterior, the attic & sub-areas, treatment of suspect wall voids, and spot treatment of interior activity.

Ants Extermination do it yourself pest control

Do-It-Yourself pest control methods may kill a few visible ants which may seem that the infestation has been taken care of. But it does nothing to eliminate the thousands upon thousands that are not visible. Ants may be in non-visible areas that can actively be damaging the structure of the home. Home remedies and Over the counter pesticide sprays may be used and act like repellants but may only extinguish ants on the surface and not at the unseen sources. Unlike other types of ants, baits do not work on Carpenter Ants. When given the chance to access their preferred food sources, aphid secretions and other live insects, Carpenter Ants may remove baits in their way, but will not consume them.Any Carpenter Ant Control strategy must eliminate all the ants homes and commercial business buildings, not just the ones seen, and protect  Properties from future damage and re-infestation.

Ant control products that can be purchased at local hardware store comes in many forms. It’s important to remember that these substances may be harmful if the product label directions are not followed. Unfortunately, in most cases won’t solve an ant infestation. Sprays are meant to kill the ants visible and act as a deterrent. Most over-the-counter products have no residual (or lasting) effect. If the ants are still able to enter the home or commercial business building, Ants will simply find a way around the spray. Plus, their colony will still be intact, producing more and more ants, all of which will be hungry. Some colonies are nearly impossible to reach without special equipment. If a colony or nest is located within  walls, a simple spray that anyone can buy will not be sufficient to properly treat the colony. Similarly, outdoor colonies can extend far below the surface, which is where most over-the-counter treatments stop working.

To prevent further Carpenter Ant infestations:

Trim all trees and bushes so branches do not touch the house.

Correct moisture problems such as leaky roofs and plumbing.

Paint and/or seal exposed wood construction before it becomes wet.

Replace rotted, water-damaged, and previously Ant-infested wooden parts of the structure.

Eliminate wood/soil contacts.

Remove dead stumps on the property and store firewood off the ground and away from the structure.

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Seattle pest control for ants in the rainy flood season

Anybody that talked to pest control personnel for ants has heard this quote a few times “I keep seeing small little or big, black ants in my house, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. I spray the ones I see, but they keep coming back. What kind of ants are these, where do they come from, and how do I get rid of them?”

Ants can find their way inside through wiring and plumbing systems, in cracks around windows and doors and in many other ways. Once they’re inside, ants are drawn to crumbs and can build nests or colonies indoors in places where they find food. While ants typically do not carry illnesses or diseases, some species do bite, and they can make even a well cared for home seem unclean and less than inviting.

Rains can flood out treated residential and commercial properties giving ants the moisture they thrive in, and diluting previous treatments.All bugs reproduce faster with moisture. Monthly or Bi-monthly Pest control for ants services keep that protective barrier around  homes and Commercial business building.its just like anything the less its maintained the more chances it vonarable to a problem.

Why Hire a Professional?

There are a number of DIY ant control products available for sale in big box stores, hardware stores and home improvement centers, but often, these products are not fully effective at eliminating ants. This is especially true when large infestations are present in a home or when the ants are inside of a wall or another area of a home where they are difficult to access. As a result, homeowners are often well served to contact a professional ant control exterminator, who will not only eliminate the ants but also let the consumers know how to keep ants from returning to the home.

Things to Do Before the ant Exterminator Arrives

Before performing ant pest control services, a licensed exterminator will conduct a complete home inspection to locate the ants, discover their entry point and determine what species is present.

Homeowners can help get ready for an ant pest control inspection by:

  1. Cleaning the kitchen area. Sweep the floors, wipe down the counter tops and wipe off the baseboards or trim. This will eliminate crumbs that attract ants.
  2. Run the vacuum in every room of the home. This will further remove food sources.
  3. Double check that all food is stored in airtight containers, even in the refrigerator.
  4. Take the trash out regularly, particularly when food is thrown away in the garbage.
  5. Empty the dishwasher promptly after use and keep the door closed at all types. Make sure the dishwasher and sink are both empty on the day of the inspection.
  6. Do not leave pet food on the floor in the kitchen all day. After a pet is finished eating, throw extra food away or store it in an airtight container until the next feeding.

To prevent further Ant infestations:

  1. Trim all trees and bushes so branches do not touch the house.
  2. Correct moisture problems such as leaky roofs and plumbing.
  3. Paint and/or seal exposed wood construction before it becomes wet.
  4. Replace rotted, water-damaged, and previously Ant-infested wooden parts of the structure.
  5. Eliminate wood/soil contacts.
  6. Remove dead stumps on the property and store firewood off the ground and away from the structure.

To get rid of Ant problem, inspect to find Ant nests, follow their trails is an important step in control. Ants lay down a chemical pheromone trail along their established routes to and from a food source so other Ants can easily find the food.

For homeowners or commercial business building managers in the Seattle area, Ants Exterminators is ready to provide ant control services to eliminate ant infestations indoors or outdoors. A family owned and operated business with years of experience, Ant Exterminators will conduct a complete inspection to determine what type of ants are present inside of the home and how they likely got inside.


One of the licensed pest control technicians employed by  Seattle ant control will then explain the treatment options that are available and perform full ant control services. After treatment, the exterminator will explain how to prevent future infestations and recommend maintenance treatments as needed.


Call 425 440 0966 for more information or to schedule an ant inspection.

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Seattle pest control for ants in the rainy flood season